NIO Course - Chapter 1

Intro to Stimulated Raman Histology

The NIO Laser Imaging System is designed to streamlined intraopeative tissue imaging based on label-free fresh tissue imaging and digital image sharing

The worflow is easy...

The NIO Laser Imaging System is based on a technology know as Stimulated Raman Scatter (SRS) microscopy first described by Freudiger et al. in Science 19 322 (2008). It relies on label-free imaging of fresh tissue specimen based on laser spectroscopic imaging. The NIO acquires a Raman laser spectrum as shown in Figure B  for each pixel of the image and then uses computer processing to generate either grey-scale images at a selected Raman band or composite RGB images in either green/blue or pink purple. The latter is often refered to as Stimauteld Raman Histology (SRH) and was first described by Orringer et al. in Nature Biomedical Engineering 1, 27 (2017)

Because SRH is based on laser spectroscopy instead of traditional dyes are stains...

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