NIO Course - Chapter 3

Neuropathology of the Brain

In this chapter, we showcase key neuropathology features of the brain as they appear on NIO SRH images. These images are taken from patients with various types of brain tumors diagnosed through traditional means.

Low power image of a hypercellular GBM specimen

High power images from GBM patients demonstrating:

Nuclear Pleomorphism

Mitotic Figures

Fibrous glial projections 

Endovascular Proliferation

Pseudonuclear inclusions in a patient with a meningioma

Reactive Astrocytes taken from a patient with GBM. The fibrous projections from the astrocytes represent glial processes.

This image shows an example of macrophage infiltration from a patient with a necrotic tumor. On SRH, macrophages appears as clear/white cells with small nuclei and granular, pink cytoplasm. The CH2 (lipid window) highlights these cells which appear bright due to their high lipid content.

SRH (pink/purple)

SRH (CH2 window/greyscale

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