NIO Course - Chapter 8

Common NIO Image Artifacts Using

Understanding common image artifacts is important for the most efficient use of the NIO Laser Imaging System since they can the avoided through proper use or service or simply re-scanning a sampling.

Reason: Too much blood in the sample preparation

Resolution: This can be reduced by rinsing the specimen prior to loading into the NIO Slide. Let the the team that prepares the specimen know that blood can be an issue

Reason: Sample is moving in the NIO Slide resulting in "moon-cratering" artifact

Resolution: This typically happens when the specimen is too large or stiff for the imaging chamber. Cutting the specimen into smaller pieces can help reduce this limitation

Reason: Imaging System was bumped or touches a "vibrating" object

Resolution: Vibration can couple to the instrument and decrease image quality. This can be a one-time even or persistent issue. Try re-scanning the image and see if the problem was resolved. If the issue persists, try re-positioning the imaging system in case it was touching a "vibrating" object and let users know to not touch or lean against the Imaging System. If the problem persists, call the Invenio Service Team.

Reason: Autofocus Error

Resolution: The NIO Imaging System uses auto-focusing to detect the sample surface and is configured to image the specimen at about 10um depth. If autofocusing fails, this typically results in an incorrect sample plane where part of the sample is in focus and the other is noisy. Try re-scanning the sample at different positions. If the problem persists, call the Invenio Service Team.

Reason:  Dense white matter


Reason:  Low signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) can result in "grainy" images.

Resolution: It is not possible to image all specimen with the same image quality, especially thick and highly scattering specimen. Try re-scanning the sample after reloading the Imaging Fluid or reducing the sample thickens. If problems persist over multiple specimen, call the Invenio Service Team.

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