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Fresh Tissue Imaging with the NIO Laser Imaging System 

"Stimulated Raman Histology has the potential to revolutionize digital pathology, giving us the ability to view cellular features and architecture in real time and provide immediate feedback to our surgery colleagues"

Simple Sample Preparation and Non-Disruptive Workflow

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Pioneered in Neurosurgery and utilized throughout Surgical Oncology

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“We want to be able to analyze lung tissue intraoperatively without losing the sample for downstream analysis. The beauty of SRH is that it renders tissue reusable, allowing thoracic pathologists to conduct additional studies with the sample.”

- Dr. Jamie Bessich, Interim Section Chief, Interventional Pulmonology, NYU Langone Health

Raman Spectroscopy Aids Detection of Lung Cancers | NYU Physician Focus | Pulmonology and Lung Surgery

Artificial Intelligence at the Time of Surgery

NIO Glioma Reveal is the first clinical image analysis algorithm based on deep learning that allows neurosurgeons to identify areas of cancer infiltration in patients undergoing primary treatment of a diffuse glioma. Neurosurgeons in the European Union can now use NIO Glioma Reveal to inform intraoperative decisions. NIO Glioma Reveal is available "For Research Use Only" in the United States, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

NIO Glioma Reveal.JPG

"Glioma Reveal provides cancer detection where we really need it, dramatically improving brain tumor surgery."

Versatile Interface for Image Sharing and Archiving

NIO Ambra Integration

"Our partnership with Invenio marks the latest instance of technologists working together to streamline the image management process so that critical medical imaging data is available when and where providers need it."

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